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After an amazing couple of years as Social Spotlight Media, we are excited to announce that we have joined LA-based Social Reality, a digital advertising and technology company.

No need to worry though, the Social Spotlight Media team you know and love remains intact – along with our service offerings. Joining Social Reality allows us to offer more robust services to further enhance our programs.

More information about this announcement can be found on our new blog.

We are looking forward to staying in touch with you so please join us in our new adventures by following Social Reality on social media… 

New Retail Brand Makes Fashionable Safety Clothing for Bicyclists, Ryan Seacrest is Helping Men Look Dapper and More!

Summer is winding down and coming to an end. Relax and read about the new companies making a difference in this week’s technology, fashion and retail news.

August15Image-New online retail brand Betabrand is bringing a whole new meaning to wearable technology. Don’t believe that a shirt could save your life? Think again! Inspired by those who bike to work, Betabrand invented comfortable and fashionable reflective clothing so you can make it to and from work safe and sound. Fashionistas everywhere rejoice – this could be the end of the ugly bright orange reflective bibs! [Refinery29]

Ryan Seacrest is perhaps best known for being the host of American Idol, his radio show and serving as a keystone on Hollywood red carpets, but it’s also worth noting that he’s been impeccably dressed in suits across the board – and the fashion industry has noticed! Seacrest has finally launched a men’s suit line, for which he has had to approve every item, fabric and fit. The line will be sold exclusively at Macy’s. [The Cut]

While many social networks and apps aim to connect people with their friends, a new app called Kindly does just the opposite. The app provides anonymous users a mobile network of compassionate and helpful listeners. After 15 minutes, the “conversation” comes to an end with the option of sending a friend request to the listener. Whether you’re having a mid-life crisis, need a pep talk or just want a sounding board to provide new perspective, maybe a little talk with a stranger will do just the trick! [Mashable]

Swarovski is best known for crystal glass chandeliers, sculptures and jewelry, but they are now sponsoring The Academy’s Hollywood Costume Exhibit.  From October 2nd – March 2nd, the Los Angeles exhibit will feature more than 145 of Hollywood’s most iconic costumes. There’s something for everyone, from Dorothy’s ruby red slippers to outfits from recent movies like “The Hunger Games” and “The Great Gatsby”.  This museum exhibit alignment will help Swarovski create an extended aura of prestige, but will also draw attention and give credit to the people who have labored over the many behind-the-scenes, but essential, elements in film. [Luxury Daily]

Ever heard of faucet couture? Now you have! Faucet brand Brizo is introducing this new concept to their ad campaign by using high fashion as a foundation for marketing their premier faucets. Only time will tell if this will be a successful campaign movement, but we hope it catches on and makes appliance shopping just a little more fun! [Luxury Daily]


Hermès’ New Style App for Every Man, Apple Goes on a Hiring Spree and More!

Hope you’ve taken some time to enjoy your week. Make sure you catch up on this week’s latest in fashion, retail and social media news!

August8ImageHermès has launched the ultimate tie app, Tie Break! With seven “breaks” — including GIFs, games, funny phrases and comics – users can perfect their tie-knotting skills and check out the newest patterns. And, of course, sync with their social media accounts too. Tie enthusiasts and men on the go, rejoice! [WWD]

Etsy Wholesale, an online matchmaking service for emerging designers and independent boutiques, launched earlier this week. Now you’ll be able to find those unique home décor and jewelry items in brick-and-mortar stores! [Fashionista]

If you’ve always dreamed of having a personal stylist, the wait is over! You may not be among the rich and famous, but five personal styling startups – including Keaton Row and Trunk Club – have started equipping their personal shoppers with algorithm-driven tools. The service will help them find the clothing their clients (a.k.a. you) will like best. Can we get a hallelujah?! [Fashionista]

Apple’s been making some new hiring lately, pulling in big shots from popular fashion brands After Burberry CEO, Angela Ahrents. The newest acquisition is Nike’s senior social media director, Musa Tariq. Seems like we should expect to see big shake ups to Apple’s retail division soon! But the real question is, which MVP of the fashion world are they going to hire next? [TheCut]

You might be seeing some tweets in your Twitter newsfeed from accounts that you don’t follow, but that are followed by accounts that you do follow. These “suggested tweets” could be useful for those looking to find more users, but it could annoy some by making their newsfeeds feel more cluttered. This reminds us when Instagram ads started to appear in our feeds. Only time will tell how users react to these changes. [Mashable]

Top 3 Benefits of Advertising in Social Media

social-media-advertisingWith social media platforms constantly changing and updating their algorithms, their layouts and the way in which brands can engage on those channels, it’s important for brands to leverage and activate social and digital advertising activities. Social advertising is a way for brands to ensure that their content will be seen by a targeted group of users that are genuinely interested in their products and services. Here’s our top 3 key benefits of social advertising:



#3 Grow Social Following

Social media advertising is a great way for brands to increase their social communities. Advertising on Facebook is generally the best first move as it allows brands to target users based on preferences, location, interests and behavior. Growing an audience through social media advertising allows brands to tailor their content to specific audience types. Keep in mind, though, that even social media advertising needs to be an active process. It’s very important to track the results and progress of your social advertising efforts in order to better understand your target audience so that you can create and share more valuable content with them in the future, as the channels continue to grow.


#2 Audience Targeting

This is one of the main benefits to social media advertising. Speaking specifically to Facebook advertising, brands can target their advertising efforts to very niche audience segments by incorporating a variety of filters from gender, age, marital status, education, hobbies, interests, favorite brands and more. Implementing social advertising during promotional time frames will help to promote your brand, its products and/or services. Highlighting either hero products or a brand new collection can help raise awareness while also pushing sales.


#1 Increase Brand Awareness

When you first launch a brand it’s important to build interest and to keep up momentum. Branded social channels can be used to tease your new brand or services to a hyper-targeted group of people. Get your future customers engaged and excited about your brand and it’s products right away so that, upon launch, you already have an existing community of people online who are actively interested in your brand and what it has to offer. Established brands can also use social media advertising to continue to build brand and product awareness by staying top of mind for their loyal customers.


Looking for more social media tips? Check out our hashtag series here.

Amp Up Your Social

How to Get the Perfect Instagram Post, Using Technology to Find the Perfect Bra and More!

Now that Comic-Con is over we have a bunch of cool movies, TV shows and games to look forward to. Catch up on this week’s latest news in social media, fashion and retail!

August1ImageThe popularity of sharing selfies across social media shows no signs of slowing. Which means, the pressure to post the perfect selfie is mounting! As consumers in today’s society, we expect to see photoshopped images on the covers and inside the pages of our favorite magazine, but photoshopping Instagram photos? This will soon be the norm. Using apps like Facetune, users can smooth skin tone, remove dark under-eye circles and even slim their waistline. Tell us what you think, will you start enhancing your photos before posting? [Fashionista]

Vine lovers, this one is for you! Last week, Mashable ran a Vine challenge in which users simplified a classic film into a 6-second video! Contestants were challenged to use everyday objects along with their creativity to recreate movie posters and iconic scenes with minimal animation. The videos were posted using the hashtag #MiniRemake. It appears there is a lot you can do with six seconds or less. Go see if you can find your favorite film! [BreakPoint]

Did you know that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra? It’s no surprise considering that bra shopping is a total hassle and all you want to do is get in and out without feeling too self conscious. After horrible experiences, two girl bosses have each started lingerie companies that ease the awkwardness and inaccuracy of bra shopping. True&Co and ThirdLove have taken the hassle and guess work out of bra shopping with their digital sizing techniques. One is like the of bra shopping – after answering a few questions it produces a list of your best matches while the other uses a type of image recognition technology to properly size the customer via their iPhone. You may be one of those 8 women wearing the wrong bra size so give one of these new services a try.  [Fashionista]

Jewelry shopping just got way more fun! Just this week e-commerce giant, Amazon, announced the launch of their new 3-D Printed Products store. Joining the ranks of Etsy and Shapeways, Amazon shoppers can now purchase print-on-demand items. Gone are the days when we were bummed out because an item was out of stock! Move over Ringly, this futuristic cocktail ring might just be our new conversation piece as well! [Fashionista]

Earlier this week, Uber partnered with Concur, a business travel technologies company, to allow users to use their ride service through company accounts. A few sizeable clients are using the service like Salesforce, Deutsche Bank, and Gilt Group. Currently the service is only available in the U.S. and Canada but it’s also being tested in the U.K. and France. This seems like every corporate traveler’s dream come true! [BreakPoint]