Top 3 Benefits of Advertising in Social Media

social-media-advertisingWith social media platforms constantly changing and updating their algorithms, their layouts and the way in which brands can engage on those channels, it’s important for brands to leverage and activate social and digital advertising activities. Social advertising is a way for brands to ensure that their content will be seen by a targeted group of users that are genuinely interested in their products and services. Here’s our top 3 key benefits of social advertising:



#3 Grow Social Following

Social media advertising is a great way for brands to increase their social communities. Advertising on Facebook is generally the best first move as it allows brands to target users based on preferences, location, interests and behavior. Growing an audience through social media advertising allows brands to tailor their content to specific audience types. Keep in mind, though, that even social media advertising needs to be an active process. It’s very important to track the results and progress of your social advertising efforts in order to better understand your target audience so that you can create and share more valuable content with them in the future, as the channels continue to grow.


#2 Audience Targeting

This is one of the main benefits to social media advertising. Speaking specifically to Facebook advertising, brands can target their advertising efforts to very niche audience segments by incorporating a variety of filters from gender, age, marital status, education, hobbies, interests, favorite brands and more. Implementing social advertising during promotional time frames will help to promote your brand, its products and/or services. Highlighting either hero products or a brand new collection can help raise awareness while also pushing sales.


#1 Increase Brand Awareness

When you first launch a brand it’s important to build interest and to keep up momentum. Branded social channels can be used to tease your new brand or services to a hyper-targeted group of people. Get your future customers engaged and excited about your brand and it’s products right away so that, upon launch, you already have an existing community of people online who are actively interested in your brand and what it has to offer. Established brands can also use social media advertising to continue to build brand and product awareness by staying top of mind for their loyal customers.


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