Hermès’ New Style App for Every Man, Apple Goes on a Hiring Spree and More!

Hope you’ve taken some time to enjoy your week. Make sure you catch up on this week’s latest in fashion, retail and social media news!

August8ImageHermès has launched the ultimate tie app, Tie Break! With seven “breaks” — including GIFs, games, funny phrases and comics – users can perfect their tie-knotting skills and check out the newest patterns. And, of course, sync with their social media accounts too. Tie enthusiasts and men on the go, rejoice! [WWD]

Etsy Wholesale, an online matchmaking service for emerging designers and independent boutiques, launched earlier this week. Now you’ll be able to find those unique home décor and jewelry items in brick-and-mortar stores! [Fashionista]

If you’ve always dreamed of having a personal stylist, the wait is over! You may not be among the rich and famous, but five personal styling startups – including Keaton Row and Trunk Club – have started equipping their personal shoppers with algorithm-driven tools. The service will help them find the clothing their clients (a.k.a. you) will like best. Can we get a hallelujah?! [Fashionista]

Apple’s been making some new hiring lately, pulling in big shots from popular fashion brands After Burberry CEO, Angela Ahrents. The newest acquisition is Nike’s senior social media director, Musa Tariq. Seems like we should expect to see big shake ups to Apple’s retail division soon! But the real question is, which MVP of the fashion world are they going to hire next? [TheCut]

You might be seeing some tweets in your Twitter newsfeed from accounts that you don’t follow, but that are followed by accounts that you do follow. These “suggested tweets” could be useful for those looking to find more users, but it could annoy some by making their newsfeeds feel more cluttered. This reminds us when Instagram ads started to appear in our feeds. Only time will tell how users react to these changes. [Mashable]

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